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Office hours + reading group

Published onFeb 02, 2021
Office hours + reading group

Office Hours

Thursdays 1200-1245 ET : in KFG slack [u], optional open videochat
- Mainly an internal discussion of ideas and developments

Reading group

Friday 1145-1230 ET : in KF slack [u-comm], audiochat
- mailing list set up; open invite
- initial readings: reconciliation and namespaces

Current topics

Recon:  OR/W3C/other standards. 
   Papers: Flexifusion
   Examples: PatCit (Wiki links)

Namespaces:  Ontology, Graph, Web namespaces

Meta: suggest papers that should be written (dataset or overview papers)

  • Journal, Issues

    • Patents + Innovation (start w/ I3 essays)

    • Meta-science

    • Knowledge structure (graphs + more)

    • Naming (I:2:19)


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