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Questions for data collection

Published onJul 02, 2020
Questions for data collection

Data Collection


  1. What are the main questions your group is trying to answer with the data that you collect?

  2. What challenges are you trying to solve, and how do you measure or visualize progress?


  1. What are the main sources you use for your data?

  2. Are there sources that would help your work, but that you are not able to access or use, or that no one is gathering? 

  3. Are their datasets used by other organizations in this space that you make use of, that you think should be included in this data collaborative?

  4. Is there primary data for which you are the source?  What are the barriers to data collection in your research area?


  1. Who are your collaborators and what challenges do you face when sharing data and insights?

  2. How do you and your collaborators define schemas for the data you collect? What are the current processes for communicating the structure of your data when you share it?

  3. What restrictions do you face in sharing data (e.g. privacy, proprietary data-sharing agreements, technical processes)? Are there ways that we could support you in partial data sharing?

Data quality

  1. How would you describe the quality of the data that you collect/receive overall? 

  2. What is the validation process you use for your data and how often do you validate it?

  3. Are there other datasets you’d like to work with, but can’t because of reliability issues?

Audience and reuse

  1. Which organizations rely on your data? What value do they gain, how do they use/reuse it?

  2. What individuals do you expect to use your data? 

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