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Layers & knowledge collabs

Case studies of layers of knowledge.

Published onJun 02, 2020
Layers & knowledge collabs

When one section becomes sufficiently detailed, split into its own pub.
Merge w/ shorter use cases (doc)


COVID Data repositories

Paper + analysis repositories

Civic data

Police accountability (US)

Details: Layer - Police accountability

Help each group frame their question. Center this in the U of related Qs.

Chat w/ PDAP:
Ways to work together: DVaughan to post notes to their GitHub

~ building a catalog of existing projects (local communities, different campaigns, different approaches, different classes of data)
~ feedback on setting up a 501c3
~ publishing essays + visuals (PubPub community?)
~ describing the schemas of data that you are gathering, and the specific questions you are answering w/ that data
~ defining potential partners w/ data or tools to align (like CPDP)
~ quick-starts w/ a fiscal sponsor (like Tides)


  • Forms + workflows for receiving and cataloging I³ data .  

  • Design of registry pages, on R1 and on Dataverse

    •  Including: fanfic, designs, and implementation

  • Map of datasets widely referenced in this research

    • Where in the blooming process they are

    • What does it mean for a dataset to bloom + be truly accessible?

  • Dialogue w/ current & potential contributors: templated case studies

Designing and keeping to a roadmap.

Science + Discovery

Astronomical observations

see Macduff, and astronomy data brokers

Narrative of discovery

  • Science Bounty — active interest science paper breakdown + assessment

    • 3 stages: deconstruction, reconstruction, reproduction
      Each a source of packages, contributing to R1.

      • UL case study? schemas for the above

    • the path to sci discovery is paved with data

    • Reports from bounty hunters: literature themselves (PP?)

    • ‘to what degree can truth be truth’ ?

  • Method: highlighting + labelling text

  • Essay: How big industry is gaming peer review (Cmpl)
    —> the case for indep. auditing/repro service
    —> digital office of reproducibility ?
    (look across abuses)

GLAM: Libraries + archives

Dead Sea Scrolls

  • Sources: a set of scrolls from the Dead Sea area.

    • papyrus and parchment; writing in Hebrew; Aramaic, Greek, and Aramaic; partially preserved

    • Core works: 981 MSs from 11 caves in the Qumran Caves, dating from 3c BCE - 1c CE. Most held at the Shrine of the Book in Israel

    • Satellite works: a swell of others from the region. Dating from 8c BCE - 11c CE. Also, forgeries (2020, 2).

  • Archives: a few museums, a few digitizations (only 5 complete?), many transcriptions.

    • Google helped w/ digitizing 5 scrolls. WIRED piece + NPR w/ motivation.

    • Palimpsests revisited, text appeared (2020)

    • Many satellite works in private hands

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