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Layer - Police accountability

Published onJun 16, 2020
Layer - Police accountability

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  • Conversation: how to support Fatal Encounters?

    Can we interview Brian, Brendan O’Connor, others?

    MetaLab built Their Names to visualize this

  • Conversation: can we work w/PDAP? Interview, interest.

  • Focus: police killings, abuse of protesters, attacks on journalists, related law + policy

Data Initiatives

Help each group frame their question. Center this in the U of related Qs.

PDA Project

  • Goal - Aggregate data, present it, assist others in using it
    cit oversight boards, researchers, visualizers

  • Workflow - FOIA + request processing; site scraping; partners?

  • Need - Clear license

  • What Qs to answer? not clear so far.
    Current team: Reddit Privacy… few criminologists.
    want to post an article to reach out

  • Subreddit/FB/Twitter posts: notyet

  • Ways to work together:

    • DVaughan to post notes to their GitHub

    • building a catalog of existing projects (local communities, different campaigns, different approaches, different classes of data)

    • feedback on setting up a 501c3

    • publishing essays + visuals (PubPub community?)

    • describing the schemas of data that you are gathering, and the specific questions you are answering w/ that data

    • defining potential partners w/ data or tools to align (like CPDP)

    • quick-starts w/ a fiscal sponsor (like Tides)

Fatal Encounters

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