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On Underlay RFCs

Published onAug 05, 2020
On Underlay RFCs

RFC process

Underlay RFC draft. Extends 0.


RFC headers should provide context: authorship, date, scope, status.
RFCs should include references to sources and other drafts and RFCs.


Underlay RFCs describe components and ideas related to the Underlay Project. The minimum length of a draft RFC is one sentence. They may be no more than a note, and can propose ideas, challenges, or solutions, present a related body of work, or invite feedback.

Short ideas, or those in active development, may be better discussed on a public forum while being revised.

Drafts and numbering

Drafts are identified by a name and version. RFCs are given a number, in the order they were finalized.

Current and future draft RFCs

Communication and documentation
- RFC-0: Underlay RFCs

- RFC-X: A short introduction
- RFC-S: The structure + interpretation of linked knowledge

Architecture (first UL arch, topology of assertion protocol)
- Status of the first UL Architecture doc
- A roadmap of features + ideals

- Querying RDF (Styx)

Names and content addressing
- Content-addressing semantic data

Graph reduction
- Rex and reduction strategies

- Questions to answer about data-sharing
- An ecosystem of bots
- Mapping across ontologies + communities

Collaboration and fields
- Knowledge collaboratives
- Jargon and specialized topics

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