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Short-term projects

Short term roadmaps

Published onAug 06, 2018
Short-term projects

Query service; form submission; provenance viz

(submit assertions) to pubsub on topic to the world.

(form to construct queries) (resolution of queries) : you have to know the UL node and query directly. done over libp2p, but not a floodsub to all. The node responds w/ results

(viz of results) next to (viz of prov) : the latter is used extensively in the prov spec. using rectangles, arrows of verious kinds. results have to be visualized in a more general way. may not have any translation yet across schemas. (provoviz!)

(dropdown anywhere in the underground re: language used) : at first, set fo one style. so bots reading IMDB will translate everytihng into s.o greedily on ingest.

(visualizing the past) the assertion tree might sohw you where info came from; you might traverse that backwards [imagine time or source-set as filters for worldview]

(trace + operate on retractions) revive retraction-watch, convert to

Kiwix < —— > updates for “change of any kind” that make knowledgesets more current.

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